Smart way to choose your daily aesthetic

Stay true to yourself, and find the uniqueness of your life.

Our Secret

We believe that fashion should be accessible, genuine and safe to jewelry lovers. Our ultimate goal is to not only make you look beautiful, but also feel beautiful.

Secretbox is an international fashion jewelry business that makes designs in NYC, creates products in Korea, and sells the high quality jewelries to fashion lovers around the world.

Rather than working with middlemen, we love working with you, a beautiful and intelligent woman directly. Thus, we can offer affordable prices on your favorite jewelries.

All of our products can be purchased through or through our offline retail stores in your town.

Secretbox New York believe every person has right to choose their own aesthetic in a smart way. Our secret team launched Secretbox New York Band to provide fair priced jewelry with spirit of craftsmanship.

Throughout 20 years’ experience in fashion jewelry industry, our team found out the way to create the fine jewelry quality jewelry by using brass, genuine gold and sterling silver without middle margin mark up.

We are not afraid to sparkle.

We go along with minimal and sophisticated trends that you are craving. We are happy to make your life prettier and easier.
All Secretbox New York jewelry is designed in New York with the spirit of chic and minimal. Sample is developed in New York City and final product made in Korea and China by professional craftsman.

You never really know a woman until you see her jewelry.

The Designer Tara Kang move to New York City to study art in 2000.

After struggling to develop her creativity in Art, She found out the way to exude her creativity for daily life, Jewelry design.

Throughout 10 years experience in fashion jewelry industry, she found out the partner from Korea who can support extra ordinary quality materials with fair price. Thus Tara did not hesitate extra ordinary brand “secretboxnewyork”

Other than targeting fair priced fine jewelry quality fashion jewelry, she also pushes herself to transform all the inspiration of art into create pure form of jewelry.

Secretbox New York team has our own manufacturer in Korea. With this reason, we can sell directly to our smart customers fairly without overpriced mark up.

Rather than working with middlemen, we love working with you, a beautiful and intelligent woman directly. Thus, we can offer affordable prices on your favorite jewelries.

You can wear our products every day, and forever


While translating trends into the jewelry, we care about your health. We would not like to see women who love jewelries suffer from allergies. Thus, we commit to high quality essentials with hypoallergenic materials.

Instead of chemical fake gold plated fashion jewelry, we only provide products with genuine gold and white gold filled over brass. We back everything with our commitment to ensure you are fulfilled with a pleasure and safety.

All our Secretbox New York team are very careful about choosing the material. Since Secretbox New York jewelry specifically launched for the customers who cares about hypoallergenic material.

We are carefully choose high availability brass, cubic zirconia, gold, white gold and diamond to produce all our jewelries.



She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.


The jewelry that shines up your day. In gold we trust.


Classic to unique, our Secret Silver collection designs pieces for you to wear with purpose.


The Zodiac Collection reflects your personalities in subtle and creative ways.


A delicate initial jewelry tells your personalized story.


Handmade jewelries for you from master artisans’ studios in Korea



We thrive on the love of jewelry and the passion of sharing it with jewelry lovers.